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Will Italy Fight for Greece Self-Determination?

Today at the School of Law of the University of Nottingham takes place the second Greek Public Policy Forum.

Τhe “Greek Public Policy Forum” is an initiative led by a number of university scholars and more generally by people who actively participate in public debate, the society and the markets. Their ambition is to establish a tribune for quality dialogue about the challenges that Greece and the EU are facing. They aim is to convene regular meetings and workshops in Greece and abroad. The purpose of these meetings will be to offer a well-organised basis for dialogue on Greek and EU politics. I will ask if possible my colleague Aris Georgopoulos in the next few days to tell us a bit more of how the meeting went.

However, I should warn us and them that an Italian active blog has interviewed just today a not better specified European Commission source (in Italian), which argued that Germay will be pushing in the next few days the Eurogroup and  the European Council to create 2 escrow accounts managed by the EU:

a) the first where the bail-out funds that have just been approved for Greece will be handled and, more importantly

b) a second account that will manage the revenues from taxation to Greeks before redistributing them.

“È una soluzione dolorosa, ma necessaria. Ci siamo resi conto che  i greci semplicemente non sono in grado di autogestirsi, spiace dirlo, ma è così”. Which translated in English looks like: “it is a painful solution, but necessary. We realized the Greeks are simply not capable to manage themselves. It is sad to say, but it is the truth”.

Stunned. No taxation without representation, we were always told. Greece – if this move were to be approved – would by any standard be considered a colony by Europe, and Germany especially. We hope Italy will fight and oppose with all its energy this decision.

Because …

Because there will be never a Europe made of inferior countries and superior countries. Never. If this is the Europe we have in mind, I sadly hope Greece will first exit the euro.


  1. “Because there will be never a Europe made of inferior countries and superior countries. Never. If this is the Europe we have in mind, I sadly hope Greece will first exit the euro.”.
    Sono perfettamente d’accordo con lei prof. Spero davvero che l’Italia abbia un sussulto di sovranità, e invece di compiacersi per uno spread tornato sotto quello spagnolo o inorgoglirsi perché “Noi non siamo la Grecia” (cfr Napolitano), capisca che trasformare il duopolio Merkozy in una troika (Merkozonti?) non cambierebbe di una virgola la realtà di un Euroleviatano che fa strame di giustizia sociale e democrazia.
    Sinceramente però temo che Mario Monti – con il suo governo elitario, dei “migliori” – non abbia alcuna propensione, per difetto di empatia sociale e deformazione culturale, a perseguire strategie di solidarietà fra paesi, le sole che giustificano il nostro stare in Europa. La mia impressione è che questo governo sia invece prono a quell’ideologia puritana per cui, detto brutalmente, gli sfigati siano tali solo perché se lo meritano.

    Le chiedo se gentilmente può autorizzarmi a linkare il post sul mio blog facendone la traduzione, a meno che lei non abbia l’intenzione di riproporlo in italiano. Grazie.


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